Eczema Care

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45 minute consultation with Dr Arpit Srivastava

Our resident Eczema GP will use his lived experience of overcoming the challenges of severe eczema, combined with his extensive clinical experience, to help you along your journey to healthier skin.

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What do we talk about in an Eczema Consult?

Thorough Assessment

I will take time to listen to your symptoms, their impact on you and what treatment you have tried before.

By understanding what medical and non-pharmaceutical therapies you have tried previously, we will uncover what does and does not work for your skin.

A Different Approach

Alongside conventional treatments, my regime involves increasing how often you shower and using specific oils in addition to prescribed moisturisers.

The aim of this regime is to ensure your skin has a healthy source of moisture for as long as possible before the next application.

Long Term Plan

I will teach you the basic science behind eczema to help you understand the importance and role of treatments like steroids, Protopic and moisturisers.

Together we will build a long term plan for healthy, moisturised skin – which is the foundation of battling eczema.

About Dr Arpit Srivastava

Hi, I’m Dr. Arpit, the founder of messageGP.

Having lived with severe eczema my entire life, I’ve experienced its challenges first-hand and tried many of the conventional treatments. This personal and professional journey has given me a deep understanding of what works best and how.

I know how difficult it can be to express the struggles of living with eczema to friends, family, and doctors. The daily battle with painful, burning, bleeding, or infected skin can impact your sleep, mood, work, and relationships.

I want to use my lived and medical experience to support patients with eczema along their journey to healthier skin.

We understand what it's like living with eczema

More information

Focus on the underlying cause

Patients with eczema (atopic dermatitis) have several different issues with their skin which stops it’s normal function. This includes trapping in moisture and being a barrier to bacteria and irritants which would not normally bother healthy skin.

Hence whilst we must effectively control the inflammation (red, itchy, sore skin), it is crucial to aggressively manage the moisturise levels of the skin in the short, medium and long term. I use a regimen of moisturisers and oils, combined with encouraging frequent showering to help achieve this.

Same day appointments for severe or infected eczema
We offer same day video GP appointments. Severely inflamed and infected skin is unbearable, and can make you feel unwell. Sometimes, strong steroid ointment or tablet steroids are needed. Infection can make eczema worse-often called a “superimposed infection” and may need antibiotics.

If you feel unwell with severe pain, fever or rapidly spreading redness, we recommend to see your own GP or Urgent Care Centre.

The use of steroids and Protopic (tacrolimus)

Steroids (creams, ointments and tablets) are useful for calming down inflammation, this is often needed for short to mid term as the inflammation stops skin from healing. In the longer term, steroids can have side effects so it is less desirable to stay on this for the long term. We can consider using Protopic if a long term ointment is needed to reduce inflammation – this helps us avoid using a steroid for too long.

We are able to prescribe Protopic if appropriate. It is usually prescribed by a consultant dermatologist (skin specialist). We liaise with a consultant dermatologist about your case, and work together to ensure Protopic is the right treatment for you (please note there is an additional one-off charge of £50 to have your case assessed by the dermatologist).

Tacrolimus is an immunosuppressant medicine-this quietens down the immune system and so reduces the body’s inflammatory reaction. It has been used effectively for a long time in organ transplant patients to stop the body’s immune system attacking the transplanted organ. Tacrolimus was found to be very effective and safe when used as an ointment on the skin.

When we recommend referring you to a dermatologist

We can organise a referral to a dermatologist (skin specialist doctor) if you want to discuss certain treatments:

-systemic tablets- these are often called “immunosuppressants” . This includes methotrexate, barictinib, ciclosporin, azathioprine and mycophenolate.

-biological injections -including dupilimab (Dupixent) and tralokinumab. These are newer treatments, and can be highly effective when the above treatment have not worked. These tend to be prescribed by NHS consultants.​

We are unable to prescribe the above medicine. We can review your current treatment, ensure everything is being done to improve your eczema, and then refer on to a local skin specialist of your choice.