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  • 15 minute video consultation
  • Evening and weekend appointments
  • Speak to the same GP each time
  • Immediate electronic prescriptions
    You will need to pay the cost of the medication directly to the pharmacy.
  • Blood tests arranged at home or in a nearby clinic
    The price of blood tests will be discussed during your appointment

Eczema GP Appointment

Portrait of a Doctor examining a patient with eczema

Dr Arpit will thoroughly assess your eczema and help create a long term plan to improve your skin

  • 45 minute video consultation
  • Assessment of symptoms and impact on your everyday life
  • Education about the science of eczema
  • Tailored skincare regime
  • Short, medium and long term plans for healthy skin
Message a GP

We are excited to be developing a service which will allow you to message a GP directly when it is convenient for you – watch this space for more information.

Spotlight on Eczema care

Hi, I’m Dr. Arpit and I am the founder of messageGP.

I have lived through the challenges of having severe eczema all my life, and personally worked through many of the treatments normally prescribed. This has allowed me to understand first hand what works best and how.

I know how hard it can be to express to friends, family and your doctor how difficult it is to live with eczema. I understand how you may be living day to day with painful, burning, bleeding or infected skin and how it can be disrupting your sleep, mood, work and relationships.

I want to use my lived experience and clinical expertise to support patients with eczema along their journey to healthier skin.

During a focussed 45 minute consultation, I aim to understand the cause of your eczema, get to know the impact it is having on your life, learn what has been tried before, teach you how to use moisturisers effectively, and create a long term treatment plan together.

Your trust is important to us.

Our GPs are England-based and GMC registered.

messageGP is regulated by the CQC.